Hair Health and Seafood

healthy hair

Did you know that your hair is an outward indication of your overall health? Are you constantly finding your hair to be more dull and brittle than it used to be? This could be your body's way of telling you that it’s time to make some changes. While there’s always the expensive salon treatment to mask the problem (which I’m not really knocking as my wife works in a salon), there is a way to really get to the “root” of the matter! Often times what’s needed is just a change to healthier eating habits and you’ll be looking like you’re ready to star in a shampoo commercial!

One simple improvement you can make to help achieve this is by dining on food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and selenium, things that salmon is packed with healthy servings of! A good amount of omega-3s can open up hair follicles for growth, the high protein helps produce keratin to fight breakage and strengthen your luscious locks, and the selenium can actually help reduce dandruff, help utilize that protein for hair growth and can help to combat gray hair and hair loss!

Not sure how to better incorporate salmon into your diet? Take a look at some of our recipes, they’re quick, easy, delicious and healthy not just for your heart but also for your hair!

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