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The products below quality for delivery in select zones of San Antonio, Texas.

All orders are delivered via our temperature controlled fleet and left at your door in insulated packaging

with plenty of ice packs to keep everything nice and cold!

‘-Amberjack Fillet


‘-Salmon, Canadian Ocean Raised Fillet


‘-Bronzino Fillet – SKIN ON


‘-Catfish Fillet


‘-Chilean Sea Bass Fillet


‘-Cod Fillet


‘-Halibut Fillet


‘-Mahi Mahi Fillet


‘-Rainbow Trout – 8oz Butterfly Fillet


‘-Redfish Fillet, Texas Raised


‘-Salmon, Ocean Faroe Island Fillet


‘-Salmon, New Zealand Ora King Fillet


‘-Salmon, Scottish Loch Duart


‘-Striped Bass Fillet


‘-Swordfish Loin


‘-Tilapia Fillet 7/9 oz