Boston Sword & Tuna Seafood Seasoning


Our new line of gourmet spices are made specifically for seafood, and will compliment or even enhance the flavor of any seafood you prepare! From tuna to swordfish, salmon to scallops, there is a seasoning for it all!

Blackening Rub – All great blackening rubs have three things in common: the right level of heat; intense flavor; and of course, that perfect blackened finish, and BST’s Blackening Rub is no different! Our blend delivers all three, every time, on every fish. Done believe us? Try it on top of our swordfish steak or some fresh scallops and you’ll be hooked!

Toasted Sesame Ginger – BST’s Toasted Sesame Ginger spice adds the perfect savory crust to tuna and salmon. This blend gets its delicate, nutty flavor and texture from two varieties of toasted sesame seeds, combined with the natural spice of ginger, garlic, and a hint of red pepper to add a distinctive, Asian flair to your meal. Perfect on top of our Perfekt Salmon and Tuna Loins!

Zesty Lemon Herb – The Zesty Lemon Herb seasoning from BST brings the bright, zesty taste of lemon, complimented by a blend of herbs and spices, featuring the smoky sweetness of paprika, and the clean, peppery flavor of parsley. This bright and powerful blend pairs well with any whitefish, especially haddock!

Smoky Paprika Chipotle – BST’s Smoky Paprika Chipotle adds a smoky, spicy mesquite grill flavor, and goes excellent on Swordfish!

Honey Aleppo Pepper – Our BST Honey Aleppo Pepper seasoning delivers a spicy-sweetness to your recipes with its unique combination of natural honey granules and Aleppo pepper. On the palate, this seasoning blend is both sweet and spicy with great depth of flavor. Honey Aleppo Pepper seasoning caramelizes as you cook, adding that perfectly balanced spicy-sweet flavor to your favorite seafood. Excellent on all types of fish!

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