Gulf Coast Matagorda Pearl Oysters, Dozen


Matagorda Pearl oysters are a cocktail oyster from Palacios, TX. These oysters have a salty start with a sweet finish.

Our Story

DJ’s Oyster Co. was founded in 2022 in Palacios, TX. Davids comes from a long line of fishermen who have succeeded three generations in the shrimping industry. When the law was passed for oyster farming in Texas, David felt he could succeed in passing his family line into a new industry. In August of 2022, the first Matagorda Pearls were planted. Eight months later, the locally grown oysters were ready for market. DJ’s Oyster Co. provides fresh, sustainable, and quality oysters all year round.


The Process

Matagorda Pearls are not your traditional Texas oysters. We plant our seedlings in floating cages to grow and cultivate in Matagorda Bay. David and his crew work hard to monitor and adjust the growth and needs of each oyster. While using the floating cages technique and the latest technology, this allows David to control the quality of the oysters. DJ’s Oyster Co. can provide sustainable oyster for our customers to enjoy year round.

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