Lola’s Spices – Black Beans and Rice – Southwest Blend 4 oz


Lola’s Spices No Wimpy Flavors Beans and Rice Blend are quick cooking, all in one pouches to accompany any meal or simply enjoyed on their own. Lola’s Spices Southwest Blend is all natural, contains NO MSG and is low in sodium. We do not use any “free flowing” or “anti-caking” agents.  Created for the busy at home chef, simply add water to our black beans and rice blend and they cook in about 15 mins! Sprinkle on Lola’s Spices when baking, broiling, roasting or for your next BBQ!

Southwest Blend: Spicy, bold and savory flavor- salt, spices, cayenne pepper, tomato powder, garlic, chipotle pepper and jalapeno pepper

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