IQF Frozen Steamed Crawfish, 5lb bag


IQF Par Boiled Crawfish – 5lb bag

Introducing our premium Louisiana Crawfish, meticulously selected to infuse your dining experience with the authentic essence of the bayou. Harvested from the heart of Louisiana’s rich seafood traditions, these crawfish are lightly steamed to perfection, offering a tender and flavorful bite that captures the true taste of the South.

Packaged in convenient 5-pound bags, each crawfish is individually quick frozen to preserve its freshness, allowing you to savor the Louisiana goodness at your own pace. What sets these crawfish apart is the unique cooking method we recommend—distinctive from live crawfish preparations.

To unleash the full flavor, our suggested cooking method involves preparing your boil water with your preferred blend of boil seasonings. Once fully thawed, these crawfish need only a brief 2-minute boil before you cut the heat. Let them soak for an additional 20 minutes to absorb the rich, aromatic flavors, creating a culinary masterpiece that pays homage to Louisiana’s culinary heritage.

Whether you’re hosting a Cajun-inspired feast or seeking a taste of the South in the comfort of your home, our Louisiana Crawfish deliver an unparalleled seafood experience. Elevate your cooking with these lightly steamed, individually quick frozen crawfish—order your 5-pound bags today and embark on a flavorful journey through the bayou!