Family Owned & Operated since 1892

Groomer’s Seafood Market is Texas’ premier destination for the freshest fish and seafood. For generations, our family-run company has been a solid part of the seafood industry, forming bonds with fishermen to source the highest quality product for you.

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Our History

Our story begins in Port Isabel, Texas in the late 1800's when our Great Grandfather Bernardo Perez fished the Lower Laguna Madre selling his fresh catch to locals. In the corresponding century four generations of Groomer's have continued the tradition of providing people with the freshest and most quality seafood product available. This history is what distinguishes our service from the competition.

At Groomer's, seafood isn't just a business for us; it flows through our veins like the cool, salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Every day, as we cast our nets and set sail upon the vast expanse of the ocean, we are reminded of the deep-rooted legacy that binds us to these waters. It is a legacy that has been meticulously crafted over generations, with every catch, every fillet, and every satisfied customer adding another chapter to our family story.

We are driven by an unwavering passion for seafood, a passion that is evident in every aspect of our business. From the moment the fish is pulled from the water, to the careful selection and preparation of the finest cuts, to the meticulous presentation on our customers' plates – we leave no stone unturned to ensure the utmost quality and freshness. Each member of our team possesses an innate understanding of the sea, honed through years of experience, allowing us to rely not only on our skills, but also on the time-honored wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our customers. We don't just see them as patrons, but rather as an extension of our family. It is this connection that drives us to go the extra mile, to answer their questions, offer cooking tips, and guide them through the vast array of choices. We take pride in offering a personalized experience, tailored to their specific tastes and preferences. After all, it is our customers who have allowed us to continue this storied tradition for over a century, and we are forever grateful.

So, whether you are a local seeking a taste of home or a visitor searching for an unforgettable seafood experience, come and join us at Groomer's. Immerse yourself in our rich history, savor the flavors of our fresh catch, and become a part of our enduring legacy. With each bite, you'll not only taste the quality – you'll taste the true essence of our passion and dedication. Welcome to Groomers, where seafood is an art form, and every dish tells a story.

From Dock to Dinner Plate

When you shop at Groomers Seafood Market, you shop directly from the sea. It’s the next best thing to catching your own food. All of our product goes straight from the fishermen directly to our seafood market. Unlike supermarket fish, there are no packaging factories, long distances to travel, or 3rd party processors.

The Chef's Pick

Order a seafood dish from any of Texas’s high-end restaurants, and the fish on your plate is most probably from Groomer’s Seafood. Of course, that gives us some credentials, but why should you care?

As we’re supplying fish so frequently, it means that our seafood is always fresh. Just like you wouldn’t eat sushi that’s been on a conveyor belt all day, you don’t want fish that’s been on a shelf for days.

Our seafood has unparalleled freshness and, thanks to our close relationship with fishermen, we negotiate the best price for you.

A Healthy Ocean Is Our Priority

Our family business would be nothing without the ocean. We believe that we have two roles. One is to provide our customers with the freshest and highest quality seafood. The second is to preserve the environment that gave us this precious resource.

For generations, the ocean has fed us with seafood and kept our family business alive. We want others to enjoy the ocean’s gifts for years to come. We follow advice from marine conservationists on the most sustainable ways to source seafood and work exclusively with fishermen who share our values.

Visit Groomer's Seafood Market

We’d love to welcome you into our family-run seafood market. As you step through our doors, you’ll feel that fresh and salty scent of seafood fill the air as you marvel at all the goodies from the ocean on display.

Outside of San Antonio?

Whether you’re in Michigan or Mississippi, get Groomer’s Seafood Market’s fresh produce straight to your door. We started our latest venture, Fresh Fish Fast, in 2020 to brighten people’s dinner plates with fresh, nutrient-rich fish. Today, we still provide customers all over the USA with fresh food using our speedy delivery service. Now no matter where you are, we’re your local fishmonger