The Spice Lab – Born On The Bayou


  • SAVORY ROTISSERIE CHICKEN SEASONING: You don’t have to be born on the bayou to roast, grill and fry fresh chicken and pork that tastes like you were. Use this mouthwatering blend and have dinner guests humming CCR songs and speculating about your bayou country origin.
  • GARLICKY SAVORY SLOW BURN FOR PORK BELLY AND CHICKEN TENDERLOINS: This tasty beer can blend is perfect for seasoning organic pork, sweet potato fries and vegan chicken legs. Add to your coleslaw mix for a delicious side. It’s also excellent for seasoning vegetables and tartar sauce.
  • PREMIUM ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our chef-crafted beer can seasoning combines all-natural crunchy Hudson Valley salt, dried garlic and onion, brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, corn starch and orange oil.
  • QUALITY: Packed in our SQF-certified facility in the USA, this premium chicken, pork, and vegetable seasoning is all-natural, kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Our beer can chicken and pork seasoning will have dinner guests thinking you were born on the bayou.  It’s the perfect flavor for a whole rotisserie chicken, a juicy boneless pork butt roast and a tasty turkey burger. This versatile blend also elevates the flavor of fresh, cooked vegetables and potatoes by adding a savory, garlicky slow burn. Simply coat meat and vegetables in oil and season. Allow meat to sit for 30 minutes before grilling or roasting, or refrigerate it overnight for a more intense flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, season flour and dip gator into buttermilk before dredging and frying for an exotic dish that is sure to have guests humming CCR songs and speculating about your bayou country origin.