Lola’s Spices – Southwest Blend 16oz


Lola’s Spices No Wimpy Flavors Southwest Blend is packed with salt, spices, cayenne pepper, tomato powder, garlic, chipotle pepper and jalapeno pepper to produce a spicy, bold, and savory flavorful seasoning for your favorite dishes.  All Lola’s Spices Seasoning Blends are all natural, contain NO MSG, and are low in sodium. We do not use any “free flowing” or “anti-caking” agents.

  • Use as a rub or marinade on your favorite meat, fish, poultry!
  • Add flavor when cooking rice, potatoes or pasta!
  • Sprinkle on eggs, fries, fruit, popcorn, salads, and vegetables!
  • A little Lola’s Spices goes a long way!

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