Zatarains Pro Boil 14oz


Zatarain’s Pro-Boil Poly Bag brings authentic New Orleans-style flavor to your kitchen! Featuring a convenient sack-sized bag and five times more spice and flavor than our regular boil bag, the Pro-Boil Poly Bag is the ultimate solution for the next family gathering. Use to easily create deliciously bold seafood like crab, shrimp and crawfish, and enjoy the flavor and soul of The Big Easy from the comfort of your home.

DIRECTIONS: This package will properly season 15 lbs. shrimp, 10 lbs. crawfish, 1-1/2 dozen crabs. 1. Place 8 quarts of water and contents of package into large cooking container, stir, and bring to rolling boil. Add seafood to boiling mixture, stir, cover tightly, and return to boil then turn off heat (crabs need to boil for 2–5 minutes before turning off heat). 2. Allow seafood to soak: Shrimp 2–5 minutes; Crawfish 30 minutes; Crabs 30 minutes.3. Drain carefully and serve.

TIPS: 1. Adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to cooking water makes crabs easier to pick. 2. For spicier flavor, add cold water or ice to pot at end of cook time and soak longer. 3. For extra zesty flavor, try adding Zatarain’s Liquid Crab Boil and/or Zatarain’s Cayenne Pepper.