Live Louisiana Blue Crab #1


Amount Per Pound:
You will get about 2 crabs per pound.

Orders can only be put in for Fridays:
Orders for other days will be unable to be filled and will be canceled.

Special Notes:
All special notes will be ignored. We sell by the pound only, not by the piece or dozen, we also do not offer special orders of only females.

Try these recipes below!

Cajun Power Shrimp over Rice

Crabs Will Be Picked By Our Staff Only:
For our pre-ordered crab only Groomer’s Seafood staff will be picking your crab.
Should you wish to pick your own we do offer U-Pick-Em Live Blue Crab on Fridays on a first come first serve basis.

Live Product Risk: 
This item is a live product outside of it’s natural environment and as such comes with unique risks. Groomer’s Seafood can only guarantee that product is live when put into the box used for your pick up. We encourage you to pick up early in the day to avoid your crab sitting for extended periods in our warehouse. Please be aware, when Blue Crabs are kept in low temperatures they can become dormant and sluggish.

Failure To Pick Up & Cancelled Orders:
Should you fail to pick up your order you will not be issued a refund due to this product being live. Further, once orders are placed we cannot cancel your order after the Wednesday of that week.


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