‘-Striped Bass Fillet



Origin: Texas Farm Raised

Often called Stripers or Rockfish, Striped Bass have a sleek, silvery body with long, darker stripes that begin behind their gills and end at their tails. These beautiful and tasty fish are, understandably, the official state fish for more than a few places, including Maryland and South Carolina. Striped Bass possess meat that lies somewhere between meaty and flakey and have a texture that is often described as somewhere between sole and swordfish. The taste of a Striped Bass is generally rich and influenced, of course, by its diet, and wild caught Striped Bass is usually more robust in flavor. The delicate flavor and large, firm flakes make Striped Bass a joy to cook with, and it can be fried, sautéed, broiled, or baked.

Weight Conversion

Weight1 lbs
Skin Option

skin on, skin off